Class Types

Ballet – (Starting age: 3 years old) Ballet is a form of dancing which may tell a story, express a mood, or just reflect a piece of music. Beyond the beauty and grace, Ballet is known to be the foundation of other dance forms. Students learn traditional techniques as well as develop grace, strength, body awareness, rhythm, concentration, selfdiscipline, and much more all while having fun and staying active! *Taught at all levels; See our schedule for more details.

Tap – (Starting age: 3 years old) Tap dance is a fun and energetic dance that requires skill and a good pair of shoes! Our Tap class includes basic and fundamental tap techniques. Elements such as toe taps, heel digs, shuffles and ball changes are taught, while learning and enhancing body rhythms. Our more Advanced Tap students focus on strengthening their techniques, while learning to develop sound, tone, virtuosity as well as learning challenging choreography. *Taught at all levels; See our schedule for more details.

Jazz – (Starting age: 6 years old) Jazz dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years, mainly due to its popularity on Broadway, music videos, television shows as well as commercials. Jazz combines the technique and control of ballet with the energy and confidence of hip hop. This class focuses on flexibility, strength, technique, isolation, learning and executing choreography, and applying a high-energy and emotional performance. What makes Jazz so special is that students are able to showcase their individual style and originality! *Taught at all levels; See our schedule for more details.

Lyrical – Lyrical dance is a dance style that combines elements of Ballet and Jazz techniques. Choreography is based on the interpretation of the music and the goal of a Lyrical dancer is to convey the emotion of a song’s lyrics! Although due to its high demand for technical skill and emotional focus, this class is designed for students who have experience in both Ballet and Jazz. *Taught at advanced level.

Hip-Hop – (Starting age: 6 years old) This class is the ultimate way to express one’s creativeness in dances that come from the soul. The dances include popping, locking, breaking, and free-styling all in which represents movements that are incorporated with the rhythm and beat of hip hop music. Hip-Hop is not only a good exercise, but helps dancers develop body balance, improve flexibility, and coordinate the muscles. This class allows one to discover and develop their own freestyle ability. *Taught at all levels. See our schedule for more details.


Ballroom (International Standard) – (Starting age: 4 years old) Standard Ballroom is one of the two different styles of ballroom dancing. It consists of classical type music with smooth and gentle steps. There are five dances which consist of Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, and Foxtrot. Students will also develop coordination and rhythm through fun exercises and creative movement! Our class follows the curriculum of Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) and the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). *Taught at all levels. See our schedule for more details.

Latin (International) – (Starting age: 4 years old) Latin is the second style of ballroom dancing. It is made up of five dances known as Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso-Doble, and Jive. Latin dances consist of a lot of hip movements, character, and attitude. Unlike Standard, the music to these dances is fast, upbeat, and energetic, making you want to get up and shake it! *Taught at all levels. See our schedule for more details.