“One day I was getting dressed in the morning and realized that none of my clothes fit me. I also constantly felt pain in my joints. The fact that I could not fit into any of my clothes made me realize that I had only two choices. One I either have to go to the store and spend money to buy bigger clothes or start a new healthy life style. So I decided to go to the store, not for clothes… but for healthy foods to start my new life. On the way back from the grocery store I noticed Viva. I live close by and I have seen the studio before so I decided to stop by and check this place out. I ended up signing up for classes and it was the best decision I could have made. It was the best option since I don’t like the gym but love music and dancing. This is why Viva was the best decision. I love the instructors at Viva and all of the people. We have all become good friends. In the beginning my goal was to loose 25 pounds. And with the instructors help and the support of my new friends, husband, and dog Cooper, I was able to reach that goal in 5 months! After I lost the weight my joints stopped hurting and I felt amazing! A little while ago I took a break from Zumba and went away to visit my family. I missed the feeling of feeling good and couldn’t wait to get back! My advice to others is to eat healthy and exercise side-by-side. In order to see results one can not happen with out the other. Diet is not about deprivation or starving yourself, it is about eating healthy! And when you add lots of exercise to that you will reach your goals! “VIVA in Spanish means ALIVE, that is how I feel in each class!”
— Cynthia Pineda
“I celebrate success in many different ways since having weight loss surgery in November 2011. I have learned to avoid celebrating my successes by turning to food because food is what got me to 288 lbs. to begin with. That and the the fact that I was a very sedentary person due to the fact that I am on permanent disability due to a craniotomy for my left frontal lobe ateriovenous malformation. I still suffer from a chronic headache 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Each day just depends on how good or bad my pain level is, but I have learned to not let that stop me from doing the things that I want to do. So once the weight started coming off and I could move around easily my first celebration was a Living Social coupon to a small dance company called Viva Ballroom Dance Studio. It changed my life! I always loved to dance! Viva offers Zumba classes and I had heard that it was a dance class that was a mix of dance moves and cardio. So I figured what the hell, I will give it a try. I loved it! I bought the Zumba DVD’s but they are not the same. At home I just give up easily. I like going to the classes, I feel that I get support, encouragement, and they push me to work myself harder and to not give up! Sara was the first class I took and she did not make me feel uncomfortable at all, instead she just kept encouraging me. I have even branched out and started taking Zumba Toning with Natalia using weights, Belly dancing, Body Sculpting with Vin, Bokwa with Melissa and Total Body Work-out with Mario. I now go to classes there almost every day of the week, sometimes even twice. Every two months they have a Zumba Party; it’s a blast! Each time it’s a different theme, like for July it’s a Luau and it’s 90 minutes long. It’s a challenge, but a great challenge. Thank you Viva for helping me with my weight-loss journey! I now celebrate a long, happy, and healthy active life!”
— Julia Alpert
“Like most people I know, I have a boss and will need to work for a while! I probably could use 1 or 2 week vacation in a year, but the past 2 years my destination has been Viva Dance Studio, the perfect get away for me. The instructors are examples of dedicated people who are the best they can be! I am happy with the results (from both their dance and fitness classes). I will never lose the impact your business has on me. You are all professional, welcoming, gracious, and personable. Viva family you are great! Thank you very much and high five your business! You matter to us all!”
— Terri Nagel


“I just wanted to personally share with you how impressed we all have been after Viva’s 5thAnnual Talent Show. Knowing how difficult it is to put such production, prepare all students and organize such event I think you have achieved what anybody organizing similar event would ever wish for. You evidently surpassed the expectations of the spectators and made all parents proud of their dancers. But that’s not all. This was not just a show. You have proven that Viva studio produces the great dancers, creates champions and has a vision. The progress that you can see in every single participant is undeniable. The passion that you inject in our children is incredible. The adoration and worship the students have been given during the time spent in the studio is paying off. How they perform, how comfortable they feel on the stage, how they are able to engage the audience into their art work deserve the highest score. I wanted to personally thank you all for your hard work and efforts. I hope you will always keep that passion. I have no doubt that Viva has a great future and I am happy to be a part of its journey. I wish the studio and all its students all the best with their future endeavors! Bravo!”
— Anna Rutkowska
“My daughter Elina has been taking ballroom dance lessons at the studio for 3 years. The instructors and staff are warm, professional, friendly and caring towards the students and parents. They always go far and beyond anything you would expect and make your child feel welcome, loved, and at home. They offer group lessons and private lesson and take the time to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. The training, support and guidance instructors provide during extensive lessons helps the students succeed in upcoming competitions and many showcases they participate in during the year. The studio is beautiful, spacious, clean and very conveniently located in Central NJ. When looking for a professional ballroom dance studio, Viva is number 1!!!”
— Julia Raynesh